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We are constantly looking for interns (m/f/d) who would like to take on a diverse challenge at our company. If you would like to gain valuable practical experience in the area of M&A / Corporate Finance as part of an internship, please contact us.

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Christian Gahrens
IUBH InternationaleHochschule

Carlotta Schröder

Julius Langer

Niklas Deistler
Frei UniversitätBozen

Philipp Tillmann
WHU Otto BeisheimSchool of Management

Tanja Deubner

Christian Gahrens

IUBH Internationale Hochschule

I am currently in my gap year between Bachelor and Master studies. I completed my Bachelor’s degree at the IUBH International University of Applied Sciences in Bad Honnef in the field of Aviation Management. During my university internship at Fraport AG, I gained my first insights into the fields of activity of investment management, which sparked my interest in M&A. In my search to expand my knowledge in this area, I came across Zerbach & Company, where I completed a 3-month internship in the Corporate Finance – M&A department.

From the first day, I was provided with the necessary knowledge and all current projects and was able to get started immediately. I found the harmonious but at the same time efficient working atmosphere at Z&C particularly positive. A lot of time was always taken to clarify questions and impart knowledge. For example, I was given an introduction to company valuation using the DCF method based on a current case study.

My main areas of responsibility included market, industry and competition analyses as well as company valuations using the multiples method and the identification of potential investors and targets. In addition to my professional knowledge, the diverse areas of responsibility have also strengthened my use of PowerPoint and Excel as well as research with the help of various databases (Standard & Poors Capital IQ, Bureau van Dijk MARKUS and ACURIS Mergermarket, etc.). In addition, I gained a comprehensive insight into the world of German medium-sized companies, whereby I was surprised to see the ideas with which companies have been successful on the market for several generations.

In summary, I enjoyed the internship very much and I can really recommend it to anyone who is enthusiastic about corporate finance. Thank you very much for the great time.

Carlotta Schröder

Universität Köln

During my bachelor’s degree in business administration at the University of Cologne, I became aware of Zerbach & Company through the job portal at the Chair of Corporate Finance.

In order to apply the theoretical knowledge I had already gained in practice, I started my 3-month internship there in February 2016. I received a very friendly welcome from the entire team and there was a very open and trusting working atmosphere right from the start, which encouraged me to always be able to ask questions. Due to the small unit, I quickly became part of the team and was able to provide immediate support after a short introduction. The tasks were varied and often challenging, which allowed me to learn a lot. My internship at Zerbach & Company provided me with a steep learning curve in M&A relevant topics and I gained detailed insights into various, mostly medium-sized, companies and business models. My exclusively positive impressions led to my subsequent employment as a working student at Zerbach & Company from September 2016, which was only interrupted temporarily due to my studies.

My tasks included preparing company profiles and process documents as well as assisting with company evaluations and studies for various industries. I also supported the launch of a platform for companies and entrepreneurs seeking capital: www.investorenguide.de.

Through the diverse tasks, I was able to develop not only my technical knowledge but also my practical skills in relevant programmes such as PowerPoint and Excel, as well as the handling of various M&A-specific databases.

Ultimately, working in the existing team has also developed me personally, so I can only recommend Zerbach & Company as an employer.

Thank you very much for the valuable time!

Julius Langer

Maastricht University

As part of my ongoing bachelor’s degree at Maastricht University in International Business, I decided to do an internship at Zerbach & Company based on a recommendation in order to gain initial insights into the processes of an M&A consultancy for German SMEs.

My three-month internship at Zerbach & Company gave me very good insights into the processes of projects both in the area of company sales and in acquisition consulting.

Initially, I assisted in the preparation of information memoranda and initial presentations for potential new clients. In doing so, I was able to significantly develop my MS Office skills, particularly Excel, Word and PowerPoint. In addition, I was familiarised with the use of various databases at an early stage and introduced to the approach of a company valuation.

In addition to current transaction processes, during my time at Zerbach & Company I supported the team in the preparation of an industry study in the field of plastic packaging. In addition to analysing extensive key financial figures and patent activities, this also included an exciting insight into an industry with which I had previously had little contact. I got a lot of practical insights into M&A consulting and was able to learn a lot about the processes involved in transactions.

I also worked closely with the team to prepare the Investorenguide.de information portal operated by Zerbach & Company for internationalisation.

Looking back, I experienced a very intensive, educational and varied time at Zerbach & Company in a productive and friendly working environment, where the focus was not only on work but also on the fun factor. In particular, Zerbach & Company’s focus on German SMEs gave me detailed insights into companies and markets that will shape the specialisation of my planned Master’s degree.

I can wholeheartedly recommend an internship at Zerbach & Company to anyone who wants to gain diverse and varied practical experience in the M&A field in a short period of time.

Niklas Deistler

Freie Universität Bozen

Due to an extremely positive experience report from a former intern I know and my great interest in the field of corporate finance, I decided to complete an internship at Zerbach & Company from April 2017 after completing my studies in Economics & Management. The internship lasted from April to June, followed by further employment as a working student over the month of July.

I was not to regret this decision at any later date. I received a very friendly welcome and was involved in the ongoing projects from day one. My tasks included helping to create info memoranda, preparing key financial figures from the P&L and balance sheet, expanding the Investorenguide.de platform and various administrative tasks.

Due to the size of the team, I was challenged but also encouraged at Zerbach & Company, which allowed me to develop a steep learning curve in the field of M&A and gain deep insights into various industries. In addition to the technical component, I developed practical skills in relevant programmes such as PowerPoint and Excel as well as the handling of various databases in a targeted manner and thus gained a trained eye for crucial details.

There was always a very pleasant atmosphere in the office and the partners and staff were always willing to answer questions and provide assistance. I felt very comfortable over the period and would recommend Zerbach & Company at any time. Thank you very much for the great time!

Philipp Tillmann

WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management

I am currently a business administration student at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Vallendar. My internship at Zerbach & Company in summer 2015 allowed me to gain exciting and instructive insights into the medium-sized M&A industry.

From the beginning, I was fully integrated into the ongoing project business and was given varied tasks, which included helping to create target group lists, process documents, information documents on target companies, market analyses and administrative activities.

I particularly appreciated the pleasant atmosphere within the team and the openness of the employees at Zerbach & Company, which enabled me to achieve productive and goal-oriented results.

During my internship, I was able to broaden and deepen my knowledge in the area of online databases in addition to my knowledge base in transaction consulting and related services.

Tanja Deubner

Universität Köln

I am currently studying for my Master’s degree in International Management (CEMS) in Cologne. Due to my interest in corporate finance and M&A, Zerbach & Company as a medium-sized M&A consultancy offered the perfect practical complement to university, so I worked there first as an intern and then as a working student from April 2014 to August 2015.

I felt more than comfortable at Z&C from day one. The atmosphere is very informal and supportive due to the small team, and the partners are always willing to take time to answer questions and are happy to tell interesting stories about their day-to-day work in M&A. You should have an initial knowledge of M&A and financial ratios as well as knowledge of PowerPoint and Excel, as these programmes accompany you constantly. My tasks mainly included conducting investor and market research, preparing and writing pitch presentations and market studies as well as providing support in the further transaction process. I worked on different projects at the same time and was able to get to know different industries and business models. Although the actual focus of Z&C is on German SMEs, I often had the opportunity to work internationally through foreign investors or target companies.

I was particularly struck by the fact that I was considered a fully-fledged team member right from the start, on whom everyone else relied one hundred percent. I was immediately given responsible tasks that became more and more complex as my time at Z&C progressed, so that I soon had my own sub-areas of projects. In addition, I was given a free hand as far as possible, so that I could develop and contribute my own ideas. Depending on commitment and performance, interns and working students also have the opportunity to accompany the Z&C team to the client on given occasions, which is not taken for granted in the M&A sector and is therefore one of the most exciting experiences at Z&C for me.

The varied work at Z&C guarantees both a high learning curve and the fun factor in the process, and has helped me to progress both professionally and personally. All in all, I can only warmly recommend Zerbach & Company as an employer and would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for a great time.

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