Zerbach & Company Corporate Finance We are an independent, internationally active M&A and corporate finance advisor with a focus on entrepreneur-led SMEs. Read more Zerbach & Company Our Services We advise owner-managed companies, international family businesses, family offices, private equity sponsors and start-ups on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the implementation of corporate succession, company valuations and corporate finance projects. Read more Zerbach & Company Our Products In addition to individual, holistic transaction advice, we offer our clients event-specific, modular products with a predefined scope. Read more Zerbach & Company Our Team The team combines more than nine decades of relevant transaction experience and the senior management has been working together successfully in an unchanged constellation for more than 15 years. We are professional, committed, honest and authentic. Read more Geneva Capital Group (GCG) As an independent member of Geneva Capital Group (GCG), a global network of more than 55 M&A partner firms, we have direct access to companies, investors and local expertise in Europe, the US, Canada, South America, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. Read more References and Transactions Trust, discretion, professionalism and quality are the basis for the success of our advisory services and the recommendation by our clients. In the past years, we have successfully closed numerous transactions with enterprise values between € 5 million and € 250 million. Read more

6Senior M&A Professionals + Support

15+ years inunchanged constellation

95+ years combined professional experience

10Industry Advisors

55+ international M&A partner companies

45+ successful mandates since 2014

Dr. Sewing-Obermark Gruppe Dr. Peter Sewing “Zerbach & Company is one of the few consulting firms that considers the interests of all parties in their mandates. They work creatively to find solutions on how to increase the value of a transaction for all parties involved and then to share this value fairly between their clients and the negotiating parties. That's how you succeed in deals that all parties are satisfied with, even in the long run." Founder and Managing Director
Obermark Group
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Karl-Heinz Moll Karl-Heinz Moll As a long-standing member of the Executive Board of WGZBANK and later DZBANK, I was able to accompany Mr. Zerbach's successful professional career over many years. In this context, I am pleased to emphasize his significant contribution to the success of WGZ (and later VR) Corporate Finance Beratung GmbH, which was founded in 2004 and which he played a key role in establishing and expanding over a period of 10 years. It was therefore very regrettable that Mr. Zerbach left our cooperative banking network in 2014 and went into business for himself by founding Zerbach & Company. In the years that followed, he and his team succeeded in positioning themselves successfully and building up a broad network. In addition to the professional expertise, this is largely due to the acting persons, who time and again succeed in winning over entrepreneurial personalities for themselves and their advisory competence. This achievement deserves recognition and appreciation. Former Executive Board
Member of WGZ BANK
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Boxine GmbH Founders and Managing Partners
of Boxine GmbH
Patric Faßbender & Marcus Stahl “We got to know the Zerbach & Company team at the beginning of 2015. Through the mix of professional work, always open communication in combination with a very pleasant collaboration on a personal level, Zerbach & Company has subsequently been able to contribute important pieces of the puzzle to make the extremely rapid growth of our tonies® audio figures conquerable.” More References
Dr. St. Dyckerhoff-Buurtzorg Shareholder Buurtzorg
Deutschland Nachbarschaftspflege gGmbH
Dr. Stephan Dyckerhoff "Zerbach & Company impressed me a lot with their mix of utmost professionalism, deep understanding of SME issues, willingness to "go the extra mile" and social commitment - thus they helped us as a social entrepreneurship startup in a sustainable way." More References
Paul Kraut Paul Kraut "My relationship with the partners of Zerbach & Company goes back as far as 2004, when Leander Zerbach subsequently succeeded in bringing together four shareholders with very different interests and very successfully sold their stake in the world's leading toy figure manufacturer Schleich to HgCapital in a competitive auction process. Since that time, I have worked very closely and trustfully with Leander Zerbach, Dr. Lars Junc and Marc Bollinger. They advise me on my various activities with own production sites in North Africa and China, as well as startups such as Boxine (Tonies®), Fazua, Demecan, SpyraOne and Tigerbox." Angel Investor,
former CEO and
shareholder of Schleich GmbH
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Peter Gülde-MBE Peter Gülde Former Managing Director and
shareholder of MBE GmbH
"After we had decided to sell our life's work in mid-2019 after many detailed discussions, we started looking for a suitable M&A advisor for the purpose of implementing our plan. Zerbach & Company prevailed over two other advisory firms that came into question and we have not regretted the decision in any way. Decisive for our choice were not only the personal chemistry but also the references and the experience of the team in the field of construction elements as well as the professional and at the same time unpretentious appearance of the employees. In only 5 months including the preparation phase - which we would not have thought possible at the beginning - we were able to complete the competitive process with the successful sale to the listed, Swiss SFS Group. During this intensive, highly emotional phase, we felt that Zerbach & Company was committed and trustworthy at all times." More References
DuoTherm Rolladen André Barth "I really liked the modular approach of Zerbach & Company. In the first step, I was able to approach the topic of succession or company development via a company valuation and thus also get to know the high-quality advisory of Zerbach & Company. And after I had made a decision in the second step to reorganize the shareholder structure of my company, Zerbach & Company was a professional advisor and companion for me in an environment that had been completely foreign to me until then, and all of this on an extremely pleasant human basis at the same time." Former Managing Director
and shareholder of
DuoTherm Rolladen GmbH
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Breidenbach & Partner Breidenbach & Partner Dr. Martin Hüttermann „I have been working with Mr. Zerbach in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions for 17 years and with the team of Zerbach & Company since its foundation in 2014. The team does not act as a "company broker", but is very well prepared to first carefully record the situation of the company and that of its shareholders and, on this basis, develop a professional concept for the further course of action, always exclusively in the interest of the respective client, either on the buyer's side or on the seller's side. In particular, the team has special expertise in dealing with complex shareholder structures and demanding entrepreneurial personalities. With great prudence, perseverance and a sense of proportion, Zerbach & Company has thus already succeeded in leading numerous corporate transactions to the desired success in a targeted manner." More References Hannes Hinteregger-Avedon Hannes Hinteregger "We worked with Mr. Zerbach and Mr. Bollinger for a long time and intensively on the acquisition of one of our portfolio companies. What I particularly appreciate about the gentlemen and your work is your obliging and honest demeanor as well as the uncomplicated and pragmatic approach when necessary, which allowed suitable solutions to be found even in difficult situations in order to bring about the success of the transaction for all parties involved." Managing Director Avedon GmbH More References


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